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The Gamification of Dementia Care

Our CEO Bruce Elliott had a wonderful conversation with Brian Browne, Neuro-Nutritionist, Cognition Expert and host of Brain Health 365 podcast recently. 

Bruce recalled how the company started out with a humble goal of making games that the two founders’ Mom’s would enjoy and which would support them to age well.  A young developer whose grandmother had dementia then proved instrumental in creating the Memory Lane Games style of frustration-free games.

Clinicians from around the world including at the Mayo Clinic and five national Alzheimer’s associations and many users have confirmed that indeed the app’s ability to get people talking creates a valuable therapeutic experience for those living with dementia.

Brain noted the appeal of the app being “about people”  and that the diversity of subject matter and un-patronising delivery are key strengths.   Bruce added that the aim was to stimulate “socialization not scoring” via errorless learning – a term which in fact came from his experience at the Mayo Clinic and ASU MedTech Accelerator last year.

Turning to the settings and benefits of the app, they discussed the increase in social isolation caused by Covid and the negative impact this continues to have on brain health.  In overcoming this, the app has proved particularly useful at supporting families and bridging generations; families are able to play together, even at a distance via video call and an elderly person with dementia can experience empowerment through it, the example Bruce gave was a Grandma showing their young relatives…  “Let me show you how my app works…”

Brian commented on how beneficial it is that the app touches the different domains of the brain and Bruce went onto explain how the app creates a visual stimulus through it’s images, a cognitive stimulus with the questions, an emotional stimulus through reminiscence and reward and practice of fine motor skills through operating the app, which is repeated 6 times on each quiz.   

In summary, the app is low cost, has zero side effects, is user friendly and demonstrates demonstrable benefits to those living with dementia.

The app can be downloaded directly from Apple and Google Play Stores with a 7 day free trial.  Commercial organizations can access the app including personalization and reporting by contacting us at [email protected]

A summary of the conversation is below or listen to the full conversation here:

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