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Memory Lane Games to provide memory care to Sodexo Client in the US.

Memory Lane Games, a leading provider of structured cognitive stimulation for people needing memory care, is thrilled to be selected as one of the first cohort of the Sodexo Healthcare and Seniors Accelerator in the U.S.

The Accelerator is designed to help Sodexo continue to revolutionize the management of healthcare organizations and senior living communities. 3 companies were selected for the program which includes a pilot within Sodexo clients, from a pool of over 100 applicants.

Memory Lane Games will be piloted at St. Paul’s Senior Services in San Diego and will aim to demonstrate a positive impact on the lives of those needing memory care and their caregivers.

This news comes off the back of significant growth for the Memory Lane Games App in the US consumer market with 62% increase in US users, surpassing the United Kingdom for the first time, last month. Collectively US users have played for over 500 hours last month alone, demonstrating the engaging experience triggering positive memories and socialisation.

In September, 21,000 separate games were played with 800 being unique game titles which underscores the depth and variety on offer; in a library of over 3000 different game titles, there are topics to appeal to everyone.

CEO Bruce Elliott commented, “We are thrilled to be selected to participate in the Sodexo Healthcare and Seniors Accelerator and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our value with the team at St Paul’s Senior Services. Our clients tell us that the value of being able to engage or distract someone with memory care needs from repetitive or challenging behaviors, with something not only beneficial but also joyful, for 20 minutes or so, can make a huge difference to the wellbeing of both the person needing support and their caregiver.

Top Titles

The game “Cats ‘n Dogs” which is popular across the world, has emerged as the most popular game among our US players too. Along with “World History”, “1960s Songs” and “Pasta”, “Milwaukee,” has garnered immense popularity in the last month. Memory Lane Games offers games on most cities across the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Philippines, India and Australia. We also offer localised games featuring local foods and music, hobbies, interests and familiar places.

Try a demo version of our Milwaukee game for yourself here

US Momentum

The increased interest in the App from the US market stems in part from Memory Lane Game’s win at the 2023 Mayo Clinic and ASU MedTech Accelerator as well as an independent feature by Fox10 News in Phoenix recently where they visited one of the company’s clients to see the impact the App is making in Memory Care.



Memory Lane Games delivers professionally-curated, inclusive reminiscence and speech and language games to both consumers, memory care facilities and in-home care groups where it can be fully branded, localised, personalised and provided with robust back office reporting and family engagement capability.

Judge’s Choice Winner – Mayo Clinic and ASU MedTech Accelerator 2023

Semi-finalist – £4.2 Million Longitude Prize on Dementia.

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