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Caring for Someone You Love

This episode Bruce is joined by Memory Lane Games UK Director Brian Hall.

Brian is an experienced entrepreneur, having previously scaled a digital mental health platform. Having recently lost his mother to dementia, he shares his candid experience of caring for a loved one affected by the condition. Brian’s story in incredibly touching, as he explains the far-reaching impact of dementia on everyone it touches, as well as the challenges faced by millions of unpaid carers around the world.

Brian’s experiences have shown him the power of simple, digital reminiscence tools like Memory Lane Games. As UK Director, he has spoken to many people about the difference the app is already making, connecting with families and caregivers over memories of the past creates a special moments together and how it has the potential to change the way we provide care for age-related cognitive decline all around the world.

The Dementia Podcast, from Memory Lane Games, hears from experts and people touched by dementia to explore how we can all create a better future for people affected by it.

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